ESI Carrier ID


Note: Carrier 16 Sun Life is now ESI

  • Remove "01" issue number from Client ID
  • Client ID is 10 digits (add leading zeros if required)
  • Group number is 6 digits (add leading zeros if required)
  • See table above for:

    - Manulife Carrier ID - Manulife Carrier Code

    - Sunlife Carrier ID - Sun Life Carrier Code

    Telus Health Carrier ID

    Note: For carriers 23 and 51 omit 2-digit issue number "01" from Client ID


    Note: Group Numbers Have changed for PSHCP members
    Previously Group 055555 - now based on plan member's birth month: CLICK HERE

    See table above for:

    - Great West Life Carrier ID - Great West Life Carrier Code

    - Canada Life Carrier ID - Canada Life Carrier Code

    Interim Federal Health Program - IFH Drug Plan

    Third Party: Medavie Blue Cross

  • Client ID: 9 digit (see photo above). For 10 digit UCI remove leading digit.
  • Group Number: 091011
  • Carrier ID: CO
  • See table above for:

    - IFH Client ID - IFHP Client ID

    - IFH Drug Plan - IFHP Drug Plan